Trekking Buti-Piavola-Il Sorbo-Quadonica-Buti – Buti

Description of the Trekking:


We leave Buti sport field parking and we’ll going up along Monte Aspro slopes, before through an aspalth road (out 2 KM) and after through a path (‘carrareccia’) ,which is within a pine forest, until the crossroad in Loc. l’Aspro, the panoramic view on Buti valley.

We’ll move on in climb, along the right path until Volpaia Colle, after that we’ll take the left path and we’ll going up Monte Gentivola, walking along Piavola, then we’ll go along Piambello and just out from the wood, we’ll be in front of in a panoramic view,  from where we can admire Valdera.

Piavola-Il Sorbo

Itinerary continues until meeting Monte Serra country road, from whom we’ll go for 2 km in descent, until to arrive hairpin turn where on the right starts a ‘pista forestale’ and leading in loc. Il Sorbo (435 m s.l.m.) .

In this suggestive area there are some relays about “Strada Dell’olio Dei Monti Pisani” and different educational trail ,with the possibility of rest area.

From here is possible go along a path that leading to Prato a Giovo, going through Certosa and Montemagno.

Il Sorbo-Quadonica

From Il Sorbo we’ll go along ‘pista forestale’ going through Quadonica for about 2 Km, after that, on the left starts a path in descent, it arrives on the road in Mariotto and below goes to Buti (borgo Castel Tonini, sede della Villa Medicea).


The itinerary goes inside country historical center until to reach the start point, going through Garibaldi square, Martiri della Libertà square and going along Danielli park.


Technical details:


Start share: 127 m s.l.m.

Arrival share: (Loc il Sorbo): 435 m s.l.m.

Maximum climb: 490 m

Distance: circa 16 Km

Mean time of journey: 6 h-7h

Difficulty: medium- easy

Note: For people who says they can walking for long path


Address: Piazza I.Danielli, 5 , 56032 Buti (PI)
Telephone: 0587-722511
Fax: 0587-723784

Website: Buti itineraries