Capodanno Pisano

Pisa celebrates New Years’eve on 25th March, it is called “Capodanno Pisano”.

Capodanno Pisano was been active from 1200 to 1749, untill Francesco Stefano di Lorena on 20th November 1749 abolished it.

In 80s thanks to a citizen’s passion and patience, the tradition forgotten for centuries has been restored.
In 2000 the celebration’s organisation has been assigned to the municipality of Pisa and from that year Capodanno Pisano is more and more expected and celebrated with many cultural events and typical dishes in the restaurants around the city.

Here there is the programme for Capodanno Pisano 2017:

  • Friday 24th March: end-of-the-year dinner in Arsenali Repubblicani: a dinner opened to everyone in which there will be all that the city can offer: stories, poems, songs, entertainment and vernacolo
    info and booking: 050560932
  • Saturday 25th March: from 10am, in piazza dei Cavalieri there will be the celebrations for Capodanno Pisano with an historical parade and performances of commemoration.
    At 12 pm new year’s announce and the parachutists’ throwing with Pisa’s flags.
  • Sunday 26th March: Exhibition ‘Luminara e Gioco del Ponte. Il dietro le quinte: persone, oggetti e lavoro‘ at  Fortilizio and Torre Guelfa. It will be the occasion to rediscover an important place for the town.
    at 9pm a performance of  Libero Coro Bonamici and at 9:45 pm “Beata Pisa! Un viaggio tra ladri, assistenti di volo, giocatori di pallone e altri Santi pisani, spettacolo su testo originale di Federico Guerri, ideato per il Capodanno Pisano 2017.”
  • Monday 27th March:  Fireworks along Lungarni.
    “For the first time – sais Michele Aiello – the show will be enriched with flames. Moreover, during the fireworks some artworks by Fortunato Bellonzi will be projected on Palazzo Gambacorti, Palazzo Pretorio and Casino dei Nobili”
    capodanno pisano

An occasion for many fields

The event is an occasion not just to promote Pisa in the world, but to rediscover it also at the citizens.
A manifestation in which culture, tourism and history are mixed to offer to tourists a lot of opportunities.

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