Cities of Art


SS. Annunziata Church

Origins from the late Gothic time, preceded by an elegant loggia, it was completely renovated in 1714 by architect Francesco Melani in Baroque style, planning an elegant loggia preceded by a serliana.


Theatre of silence

A place of music, art and emotion, set in a magnificent Tuscan landscape, in Lajatico.


Castle of Vicaris

The fortress, which already existed around the 10th century, had its heyday in the centuries following 1400, as the seat of the Florentine Vicariate. It is currently administered by the Cultural Association “Il Castello”, which takes care of its cultural and touristic appreciation.


Chapel of Santa Caterina

On a hill surrounded by cypress trees, some valuable frescoes of 1479, enclosed in four niches, they evidence the passage of Benozzo Gozzoli in this countryside..


San Martino Church

National monument that periodically hosts major music festivals.


Wood Museum

In the museum revives the old shop of the carpenter, with the mosto common work tools and the wood used by the craftsman to build the furniture, as the “Pancina” and the “Ponsacchina”, that had an extraordinary success in the Italian market.


City of Contemporary Art

It is the main center for contemporary art in Valdera, houses monuments and temporary installations of important contemporary artists in several areas of the city.