Ghizzano Tenuta – Peccioli

Venerosi family arrived in Ghizzano at the end of 14th century. They decided to buy the farm and they produced wine and oil.

For many century Tenuta produced wines, keeping a solid and safe quality.

Ghizzano   Ghizzano 

Veneroso wine:

In the ’80s Pierfrancesco decided to invested in the cellar and in the vineyard because it wanted to try to produce a wine able to keen the name of Tenuta di Ghizzano.

On 1985 born Veneroso wine,Tenuta first wine, it takes the name of Veneroso Venerosi, the man who gave soul and body at the countryside and at the Tenuta.


Tenuta today:

Today it is made up of about 350 hectares of which 20 dedicated to vines, 20 to olives, 150 hectares of cereal and the remaining 150 is made up of woods and poplar groves.

In 2003 we started to move over to organic farming and since 2008 we have been officially recognized as organic by the relevant authorities.





Tenuta products:

The aim is to cultivate a high quality product, limited in quantity and which fully reflects the characteristics of this area without forgetting the style, elegance and rich fragrances of the rolling hills which surround us…

At the same time they are investing in natural winemaking and agriculture which maybe means they produce less but definitely means they produce better.

And we will never stop believing in the wine! 

Today Tenuta produces about 70.000 bottles a year, each in his kind;

‘Veneroso’, ‘Nambrot’, ‘Ghizzano Rosso’ and ‘Ghizzano Bianco’, besides an excellent ‘passito’, ‘San Germano’ and a precious extra-virgin olive oil I.G.P.



Address: Via Della Chiesa 4, 56037 Ghizzano PI
Telephone: +390587 630096