Stazione relitta di pino Laricio

Stazione Relitta di Pino Laricio


The protected area of “Stazione Relitta di Pino Laricio”, it was instituted by the authority council of Buti in 1997. From 1999 it was written into the list of the Regionals Protected Areas. It is ample 124 hectares at the east slope of Monte Pisano, it is delimited at nord by Monte Cucco. L’A.N.P.I.L. was instituted for the safeguard of somatotype of the “stazione relitta del Pino laricio”.

The specimens of Corsican pine grow surrounded by a vegetation composed by trees of maritime pine, chestnut, oak, bay tree, acacia and the sorbus and all area upholster characteristic importance from the perspective of botanical and naturalistic.

In the area exist an ancient cave of slate one time it was utilized for the upholsteries of the roofs, a woods of naturalistic merit and damp areas where the white-troated dipper nest; it is also  suppose the presence of various amphibious species like the fire salamander. The fire salamander represents an interesting sample of herpetology fauna.