morelli's liqueur


Liquorificio Morelli was established in 1911 in  Forcoli (Palaia), from Cavalier Leonello Morelli’s idea. Leonello was the owner of a small bar, and he had fun at mixing essences and extracts to create liqueurs and infusions.  So they had the idea to create a liquorificio. It always has been famous. In a few years Morelli’s products became popular in a large part of Italy. From 1911 untill nowadays four generations of Morellis have been successive. Their customers are important restaurants, wine shops and wholesale distributors. In 2012 Morelli’s liqueurs have taken part to internetional contests and after the first success of Grappa Centenario in Bruxelles, other good results came from Arancino Speciale 32°,  Grappa 50/50 Barrique, Limoncino Speciale 32° and Crema di Meloncello.