Le Melorie


The hamlet of Le Melorie (Ponsacco) results already inhabited in ancient era in VI century a.C. it develops an Etruscan village. It is localized near the estate of Sant’Eugenio. Some excavations in the zone have allowed to find numerous evidences, like amphora, coups and oinochoe of bucchero, olle and dolii of mixture. The village was placed side by side then classical epoch by others little villages deal with him localized in the estate of Casanova and the Casone od Gello.

In Roman epoch, the hamlet was crossed by Decumanus Maximus, it connected the hamlet to Ponsacco, in the inner of a first Centuriation of territory: they still find some traces and some toponyms present an etymology of Roman origin according to the phenomenon of “prediali”. Other research have allowed the identification of a Roman monumental farm.

Le Melorie developed as a center at farming vocation and remain evidence of some medieval fortification in the ancient building of brick datable between XIII and XVI century.

The territory stayed at rural character since the contemporary age. Following the realization of the road who connected Ponsacco with Fornacette, the hamlet was urbanized. The hamlet was selected for host an handcrafted area of the community it counted 67 citizens in 1961. Thanks to the realization of an ample residential area and the foundation of a independent church in 2001, the hamlet reach to absorb the small village of Gabbiano and I Poderi, they form an unique village in the community of Ponsacco and near the industrial area of Gello without solutions of continuità and with 2 600 rezidents.