Villa gherardi del testa

Villa Gherardi Del Testa

At the beginning of the hamlet of Terricciola is located the villa Gherardi Del Testa abode of farmland of the Pisan noble family. It was built in 1660 by the friar Sebastiano Gherardi. In 1814 in that house born Tommaso Gherardi Del Testa, he became a famous comedy writer.


In the course of time the building was exposed to various structural modifications, between them the most important modification was that in the second half of 1700 with the construction of an ample segmental arch that link the opposite space of chapel with the rear square that it show to the forest. The last substantial intervention date back to 1883, when it was added a factory in the left side of villa.

Today the building present a systematic arrangement from the point of view landscape, with a terraced garden at east and at west a nineteenth-century garden. The salon is richly decorated with stucco, frescos and architecture of trompe-l’œil. The overdoor are painted with rural scene inside of ovals, whereas on the sides there are cartouches and putti. The decorations of the wood structures of the ceiling represent a urban setting of fantasy. In the part of nineteenth-century the rooms are decorated at tempera with the motif of the.