nature preserve of Monte Serra of Sotto

Nature Preserve of Monte Serra of Sotto


The nature preserve of Monte Serra of Sotto extends for 400 hectares on the oriental south slope of Monti Pisani and on the north-west hamlet of Buti. It include the oriental slope of Monte Cimone and the occidental slope of Monte Passatoio.

The presence of an extend wooded area has allowed to the formation of some kinds of mushrooms like the Calocybe leucocephala and Russula chloroides.

The presence of Listera ovata is to remember, the Anacamptis laxiflora and between the cryptogam plants like Spagnum; between the vascular plants we can see le Drosere, but there is also the Rhynchospora alba.
From the point of view fauna here is present a diversified range of species: the lizard “muraiola”, the natrice from the collar, aesculapian snake, green whip snake, the salamanders. Between the mammals we count the garden dormouse and the hazel dormouse, but there is also the porcupine, common vole and bat.