The hamlet of Partino is located in Valdera, the hamlet extend him along the sandstone of an hill, it’s located between Palaia and the hamlet of Villa Saletta. The characteristic terrain of this place is defined by Giovanni Battista Rampoldi in XIX century like «mirabile» because it’s appear  ferruginous.

Partino is distant 2 kilometres from the administrative center and it’s distant 42 kilometres from Pisa.


The hamlet was born as a castle and it’s documented from 1260.

The hamlet counted 238 citizens in 1551, in 1840 they are increased to 506.


  • The church of Saint Maria Assunta is mentioned in catalogs of diocese of Lucca in 1260. 30 december 1412 a document was compiled at Pisa, it says that it was rector the priest Jacopo di Giovanni. The territory of parish count 250 citizens.