Palazzo Pretorio in Pontedera – PALP

Il Palazzo Pretorio in Pontedera dates back to 1384, it is considerated as one of the most ancient buildings in Pontedera.
From the 15th century the structure was center of the Podesteria, of the Vicariato and of the Pretura. There have been various architectural changes and amplifications.
In 1708 the bells of the clock tower were moved to the church nearby.

In 1848 the building housed Pretura and it took part to Pisa’s court till 2013, when it was abandoned because of the presence of the court’s papers.


Thanks to recent renovation work, Palazzo Pretorio is now accessible again and it has been use as a modern space for temporary exhibitions.

At the ground floor there is a pub, whereas upwards there are two floors used for cultural events and the third one is occupied by Court’s archives.

Currently there is an exhibition in progress until 18th April 2017