morelli's liqueur

Morelli’s Liqueur

The Liqueur Factory “Morelli” was born in 1911 in Forcoli (Palaia), from an idea of Lord Leonello Morelli, whom was very keen on turning a passion into a real work. Leonello, then owner of a small bar, used to enjoy mixing extracts and essences to create infused liqueurs, which then he used to offer to the customers. That is how he had the idea of ​​creating a liqueur factory, which was founded in 1911. It was an instant success, in a few years Morelli products spread to most of Italy, becoming synonymous with quality and authenticity. From 1911 to our times several Leonellos have taken the lead of the factory: Leonello’s son, Dante, and his nephew Piero, until 2009, when Piero’s sons are firmly working as the 4th generation of Morelli: Luca, Paolo, Marco. They are continuing the family tradition, creating (with their parents) in less than twenty years a company that has, among his customers, very important restaurants, lots of italian wineries, wholesale distributors of prestige and a network of direct representatives well branched throughout Italy.