Montecalvoli has had until the antiquity important military and stategic functions.

The actual name derive from the hill on which it rises; the hill deprived of vegetations from here Monte Calvo.

Tha hamlet named Nottuno (the origin of the name is unknown).

The most ancient trace of the history of Montecalvoli concerns his church, it was entitle to S.Giorgio di Nottuno, It was consacrate by Bishop of Lucca in 728.

In 1200 Montecalvoli was under the dominion of Lucca, it is been a scene of a clash among the Lucca’s troops moved to the conquest of Pontedera.

Lucca’s troops were defeated.

In 1261, after the victory of Montaperti, The Ghibellini of Tuscany conquered Montecalvoli and la rocca of S.Maria a Monte, They submitted both to the authority of Pisa.

In 1314 the Fiorentines appropiated of Montecalvoli, but in the same year the castle was conquered by Pisa, It remained under the dominion of Pisa as long as it was surrended to Castruccio Castracani in 1328.

In 1406 the community was spontaneously delivered to the Fiorentines.

In 1926 it entered to belong to the province of Pisa.

The 4 november of 1966, It was stricken by the flood where the nearest river overflow.

The hamlet is divided in two zones:

  • Montecalvoli Alto is the “ancient” part of hamlet , It include the old town and the church. It has called in this manner for his position in the hill.
  • Montecalvoli Basso is the “modern” part of hamlet, where you can find shops and bar; the majority of population live in this area, the residences extend them until the border with Santa Maria a Monte.

Monuments and place of interest

  • Church of Saint Giorgio and Jacopo
  • Church of San Giorgio martyr
  • Chapel della Misericordia