Giovanni Battista and Santa Maria Paris Church – Vicopisano

Giovanni Battista and Santa Maria Paris Church is the only used church in the village of Vicopisano. It was built on XII century.

The monumental structure has 3 naves, and outside it has ‘pietra verrucana’ vestments (1914-1925).

On the higher part there is a sloping double-arched window, and it is decorated by elevated small arches. The bell tower was built in 1775.

A low relief (inside the facade) rapresents the ‘Decollazione of San Giovanni Battista’. The 3 inner naves are divided by columns with Roman capitals.




On the right: ‘Annunciazione’, ‘Visitazione’, ‘Natività’ and Erode orders the ‘strage degli innocenti’

On the low relief (on the right, in the low) : ‘San Giorgio and the dragon’ on the top: ‘ll Battesimo di Cristo’

On the left wall: on the top: ‘Cattura del Cristo’  and at the bottom: ‘Pentecoste’

The cycle was supposed to use for background at the precious wood groups of seven pictures of ‘Deposizione della Croce’. There is inserted on the left wall since XVII century. A fifteenth-century tabernacle made by a rock come from a close oratorical oratorio together a big wood simulacrum.

The statue was do for the San Felice church (in Pisa), where it stayed unused.

Giovanni Battista and Santa Maria Paris Church
Giovanni Battista and Santa Maria Paris Church







The Paris Church is open all days from 8.00 to 18.00

Sunday is closed from 13.00 to 15.00.

Address: Via Moricotti, 2, 56010 Vicopisano PI

For informations: Tel. 050 799155

Website: Pieve di Santa Maria a Vicopisano