Palio delle Contrade di Buti

Palio delle Contrade di Buti is a horse race that takes place on the third Sunday of January, in honor of St. Anthony Abate’s feast day, protectors of animals.
Palio’s origins date back to 1805, but with an announce in 1960 it was offical: Buti has been divided into six districts and each one is represented by two colours:

Every year in the morning you can see and take part at an historical parade where each district reach the main church with flags, drums and in the afternoon there is the race.
Palio di Buti is held in the main access road to the town that for the occasion is closed to the traffic and equipped with giant TV screens.
The race starts at 14:45. There are four races and each one is run by three horses. The winner of the final race will conquer the ‘Cencio’, a painting that can be shown into the church.
It will be the place to soak up an outstanding event atmosphere.

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Here you can see the video of the event in 2015