Era River

Leaving from Peccioli , we go down the steep via di Greta. In less than a kilometer we get to the gravel bed of Era River characterized by spontaneous vegetation, large and rich variety of birds.
So we continue along the river up to the Molino di Ripabianca . From Le Piagge, where the suggestive vision of tuff cliffs that run along the municipal road Peccioli-Fabbrica follows us on the left, we can make a road variation of up to Ripabianca , to be used in case of flooding of the river.

After approximately four kilometers we start to go up to reach the municipal road with which we reach the charming town of Montecchio and continue, still with the dirt road, in the countryside of the area of ​​Serre, which has varied crops and is natural habitat of various game species. There are two ways of traveling to this area; one is from Costie and the other takes you back to Peccioli through the road of Madonna delle Serre , named after the namesake church in this area, and characterized by a fresh and hospitable little forest, place of pilgrimage the first Sunday of May.