Church of santa maria at morrona

Church of Santa Maria at Morrona


The Church of Santa Maria at Morrona, was founded in XI century by the Cadolongi’s counts of Fucecchio with other three abbeys, it was managed by Benedettini and later it passed to the monks Camaldolesi. The monastery was experienced by numerous upgrades during his history thanks to the donations by nobles: in 1089 by the count Uguccione, son of count Guglielmo Bulgaro, and in the years 1098 and 1109 thanks to the sons of the Count Bulgaro. The ownerships were validated by Pontiff Celestino II in 1121, by Innocenzo II in 1141 and Eugenio III in 1148.

The actual church was built in 1152, when they decided to transfer it into the ancient monastery.

In 1482 the bishop of Volterra took possession of the abbey, he transformed them into his summery residence. The Romanic building choose a unique planimetry and an unique nave apse, starting from middle of length, it is flanked by two lateral naves, they are articulate on two   spans nearly to form a dilated transept. The space of monastery were been transformed into private Villa. The inner walls della of the church present frescos depicting Apostoli of eighteenth-century.

In 1870, thanks to the born of Italian State, the ownerships were confiscated and resold as farm.

Currently the estate include vineyards, olive groves and others plantations. From the ancient religious building remain the cloister, the bell tower. It was created a dedicated space for the agritourism.