Pieve di San Verano

Church of San Verano

The church of San Verano, probably built between the end of the XI and the beginning of the XII century, has a prospect of five blind arches, decorated with elegant losangas inspired by Pisan, while the sides are moved by hanging arches. In the bell tower, built in 1885, still stands the ancient medieval structure.


The interior, divided into three aisles, has been modified several times, and in 1580 the chapel of the Assumption was added, which includes three canvases of the Florentine painter Jacopo Vignali; The same author preserves the Assumption of Mary.

There is also an 18th-century Crucifix, a Madonna with Child and saints from Neri di Bicci, and two paintings of the 13th century Pisan school: Stories of St. Nicholas of Bari and Madonna with Child.

The evening of ss. Announced, on March 25, 1688, the pieve was destroyed by a fire and the following year it was restored.