church of saint bartolomeo

Church of Saint Bartolomeo (Morrona)

The church of Saint Bartolomeo is in Morrona in the community of Terricciola.


The facade of the Church of Saint Bartolomeo shows the sign of the nineteenth-century remake with the unusual irregular largeness of the two naves. It was restored in the 1930, inner the building, unfortunately the reduced dimension.

In the presbytery, it is raised and divided from the rest of hall by two couples of columns, it conserve the “Martirio di San Bartolomeo”, of Tuscan school of the middle 1700. The central vaults of the dome show the mosaic decorations of 1800, they are covered in part for the successive whitening. In the right nave there is the “Madonna con Bambino e santi” of Tuscan school of XVII century.