otello cirri.

Centro per l’Arte Otello Cirri

The Centre for the Arts Otello Cirri of Pontedera’s  municipality, inaugurated in January 2003, takes its name from a famous character for artistic and politic activities for the town, becoming Mayor from 1946 to 1951.

The centre’s cultural address is oriented on the theme of art history, valorizing with many exhibitions the Tuscan heritage.
A permanent exhibition takes place at the centre. Its is a photo collection by Brunero Tognoni, which donated to Pontedera’s municipality in 2010 almos 100 objects from 1800 until now.

Free entry

Centro per l’Arte Otello Cirri
Address: Via della Stazione Vecchia, 6
Tel: 058757282
Email:  silvia.guidi@comune.pontedera.pi.it

Opening time: dal lunedì al sabato: 9 – 13 e 16 – 19.
Closed on August