The Carnival of Bientina

The Carnival of Bientina was established in 1939. The first Mad Gras floats had a lot of success and their memory is still between the people who lived those happy and thoughtlessness moments. The idea of the Carnival was born by two originals editions of “Festa dell’Uva”, the Mad Gras floats were everywhere in Bientina in 1937/1938. Those two Carnivals had a lot of success, so a new Carnival was organized in 1940. Because of the beginning of the War and the burst of the bombs the happiness of the Carnival and the children’s laughs turned off.

In 1988 the tradition restarted with a lot of difficulties, but everyone was very enthusiastic and all the people of Bientina committed for the Event. In 2012 there was an interesting programme for the 25th year of activity of the Carnival.


Carnevale bientinese