Museum of Giorgio Kienerk

The museum dedicated to Giorgio Kienerk has been achieved to collect all the artwork of the painter.

Giorgio Kienerk, with his wife and his daughter, they have spent all the summer vacations there from 1919 to his death in his family’s mansion.

The museum of Giorgio Kienerk is placed in the historical jails of Fauglia.

In the 1800s a building of Uffizi Pubblici was built by Arturo Conti. The new municipal complex housed the jails, the policemen’s barracks and the magistrate’s court.


Ticket: € 4,00; children’s ticket € 2,00 (children under 12 years); school € 2,00.

Museum Giorgio Kienerk
Address: Palazzo Comunale, Via Chiostra I, n° 13, Fauglia
Tel: 050657328

Opening Time

Winter: Tuesday and Thursday: 10.00-12.30; Saturday and Sunday: 10.00-12.30/15.30-18.30

Summer (June-middle of September): Tuesday and Thursday: 10.00-12.30; Saturday and Sunday: 10.00-12.30/16.00-19.00

Closed: 1st Jannuary, 6th Jannuary, Easter, 1st May, 15th August, 1st November, Christmas, 26th December