Casciana Alta

Casciana Alta is situated on a hill at 200 meters on the sea level.

If you walk through the streets you can see a lot of ruined buildings and ancient habitations.

The old people say that Casciana Alta was built on the ancient “Casciana” and that there are a lot of walls of the old city under it.

Behind the big courtyard of the  San Niccolò Church, you can admire a beautiful landscape that is just a little part of this beautiful countryside.

Along the streets there are ancient buildings even made by rocks and there is a little theatre.

The nearness to  Casciana Terme let Casciana Alta be an amazing place where you can accommodate and relax yourself into this naturalistic site.


In the centre you can admire the San Niccolò Nineteenth-Century parish Church with important works of the Tuscan reinassance as the eighteenth-century “ Santuario della Madonna della Cava “, known for his particular octagonal shape, the ruins of the castle, different medieval buildings and a little theatre.

In the neighborhoods of the village there are the ruins of medieval mills, the ancient Roman San Nicola in Sessanta Church and the famous San Frediano caves (currently are closed) with the San Frediano Church that in the past was under the control of the Usigliano Church.