MotorArt – The theme of the Competition

Pontedera is known for the presence of a mechanical element, “the engine”, that have increased the society and the economy, and it has been an element of social and technology innovation

The mechanical engine has involved different shapes and it has been used for different kind of engines (planes, cars. motorbike) and it created other engines (companies, competences, passions, people) who became “the engines” of the city.

In the early 1900s Umberto Nobile in the center of one of the most important airports for European airships, he put his aircraft for the first mission to the North Pole: Enzo Ferrari worked in the race car sector for National Mechanic Construction (CMN) and he did the first pilot footsteps, before creating the Italian motor brand, that would become the most important of the world. Enrico Piaggio, one of the bigger Italian businessman, started the production of scooters and he had a big success thanks to Corradino d’asciano that imagined the impressive Vespa, changing the mobility to two wheels in the world. The Piaggio history is full of members as the pilot Giuseppe Cau, and the Vespa had a lot of impact in different sectors: in the world of show business, of cinema and during the employers fights (Scioperone).

After the Vespa innovation followed in the 60’s the CIAO innovation and in the 70’s the  Vespa PX too.

Paolo Dario and his group put the modern robotics bases inside the Biorobotica institute of the high school Sant’Anna.

Then Mazzanti Car produce Evantra, one of the most powerful supercar in the world.

The operas selected for the competition must have two elements (better if they have both):

  1. Inspiration  to the motor history of Pontedera
  2. Have elements of this history (for example you could use some Vespa elements where you could draw on, or motor elements like the element of the opera).